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How Dr. Skefich Can Help You

Dr. Skefich knows what to do to help the person who is in pain. Whether the pain has come from an auto accident injury, a sports injury, a herniated disc, or just from out of the blue…you need help not only getting out of pain, but you may need answers as to why your problem came on, or how long it will take to get better. Dr. Skefich will be able to help determine the exact cause of your problem, and in most cases, provide significant relief.

After your exam and first treatment, Dr. Skefich will give a realistic treatment plan based on her findings in your body. She will also give recommendations as to exercises and supplements that are specific to aiding your recovery. Her treatments tend to be more effective than the typical chiropractic approach due to the fact that she addresses not only the joints, but the muscles and the spinal cord system.

Therefore her treatment plans tend to involve fewer treatments than the typical chiropractor. She will give her recommendation as to how long it will take (in visits and in weeks) to get rid of your symptoms, and then how long it will take to get your body down to a neutral tension level beyond simply brushing off the top layer of tension that caused your pain. Dr. Skefich lets you decide which approach is best for you (the symptom-based or the tension-based). If you decide the longer and more in-depth treatment plan, you can avoid a reccurrance of your main problem (as some people have suffered long-term occasional episodes of pain needlessly), or you can even avoid other problems that you may not have been aware were brewing.

Since the spine is the gateway between the central nervous system (i.e., your brain and spinal cord) and every muscle, organ and tissue in the body, spinal health therefore is vital to overall health. The treatments not only give you relief, but also enhance your vitality by removing the static that physical tension creates in the nervous system.

Dr. Skefich is trained to diagnose and treat problems of the musculo-skeletal system. She utilizes orthopedic and neurological tests, and is exceptionally skilled at palpation of normal versus abnormal motion patterns in the soft tissues and joints. Where tissues or joints do not move normally, there is often pain to the touch, and there is less blood and lymphatic circulation which can lead to degradation and sickness of that tissue.

Unlike the traditional chiropractor who may only adjust the joints of the spine, Dr. Skefich is proud to employ a variety of techniques. Extensive soft tissue therapy is available in tandem with Dr. Skefich's chiropractic work, in the form of "back-to-back" chiro/massage treatments, or can be scheduled individually.

Dr. Skefich and her staff invite you to come in for an assessment and adjustment. Many patients remark that they had waited too long, and that they had wished they came in earlier rather than having had lived with pain for weeks, months, and even years. Most patients get remarkable improvement after just one visit, and even in the more difficult cases attain noticeable regular improvements from the treatments as they progress into wellness.

Welcome to our web site, and enjoy learning about the various techniques Dr. Skefich utilizes and how we may be able to help you.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich
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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have experienced adjustments from many chiropractors, but Dr. Skefich is my favorite because of her gentle adjusting and her confident, calm presence that stays with me when I walk out the door. Previously I had 3-day migraines and head pressure, and foot bones jammed into painful positions."
    April McD. / Santa Cruz, CA

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  • Sylvia Skefich

    Dr. Sylvia Skefich was born in Oakland California. She was raised in Salinas, and lived in San Luis Obispo where she attended the university. She then moved to Santa Cruz where she worked in the graphic design industry.

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