Physio-Therapy Technique

Dr. Skefich utilizes a variety of soft tissue techniques to reduce pain and hasten full recovery. Many people understand the concept of misaligned bones, yet have not really understood that muscles can misalign too. Picture in your mind one of those muscle-builder guys with the rolled forward arms and shoulders. This is an example of imbalance between muscle groups that will pull the bony structure into misalignment too. Weight lifters who have this posture have not emphasized the development of the rear side of the shoulders and the back in relation to the front side. Over time, altered postures can lead to myofascitis, an irritation in the soft tissues that creates stiffness and sometimes pain. The muscles have been forced to work in a torque and that is a stress to the muscles and joints.

There are a number of muscle release techniques that can be employed in order to restructure the position of the muscles. Then the pull of these soft tissues on the bones is diminished, and the chiropractic adjustments last much longer without old patterns returning. In combination with home exercise tips for those interested, a speedy return to a more neutral structure is ensured.

Dr. Skefich is certified in Orthopedic Massage and is trained in other techniques such as Muscle Energy, and longitudinal active fascial release.

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